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The open-source task manager for super tiny teams with a lot of built-in features

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Essential features
for running your team

Provides built-in features like Views, Import, Export,
Notification, Dashboard, Meeting, etc

List view feature

List view

See it all at once. Prioritize and manage your tasks in a simple list.

Board view feature

Board view

Visualize your workflow. Move tasks between stages for clear progress tracking.

Custom view feature

View customization

Work your way. Design the perfect view to fit your specific needs.

Goal view feature

Goal view

Stay on target. See your progress at a glance and celebrate milestones.

Calendar view feature

Calendar view

Plan your days. Never miss a deadline with tasks scheduled on your calendar.

Reduce the cost
to less than $10/month

Ultilize free platforms and low budget aws services
to host the app

Dramatically reduced team management costs from $10 to under $5/month. Achieved this by leveraging GitHub Actions for automated deployments and hosting the app on budget-friendly AWS Lightsail, ditching the previous Vercel plan.

Wanna use it ?
Clone it now

Namviek is a completely open source project for your small team.
It is free, but you guys need a developer to help you host it

$git clone
$cd namviek
$cp .env.example .env.local
$cp .env.example .env.local
$notepad .env.local
$Now visit here to configure environment variables
$yarn frontend
$yarn backend

About us

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